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Life can sometimes seem like a constant struggle.  Your relationship can be a challenge and sometimes, as time goes by, there may seem to be more difficult times than happy ones.  When you maintain a supportive relationship with your partner you have a strong foundation to manage all the ups and downs that are inevitable.  Without this, the quality of life and the confidence and happiness that we once had, begins to change.

Enrich Relationships is a specialist in relationship counselling. Your relationship can be facing a crisis or simply an issue of disconnection over time. Whatever your circumstances our counsellors are here to help you find a way through these  difficult times allowing you to find happiness again.


Some of the feelings that you may be experiencing:

A deep feeling of loss or grief
A feeling of loneliness
A feeling of inadequacy
Fear of the future
Worry about children/family
Concern about reinstating trust
Worry about finances
New baby or new house
Fear of ageing/being alone


Our couples counsellors are also experienced in life so are able to help you through many of life's challenges and transitions.

Enrich Relationships is a positive and caring marriage and couples counselling service who are committed to helping couples find a way back to a happier and better life.  From the beginning of your journey with us you are treated as one of us.  Whether you are a couple in crisis or simply needing a positive direction, we will assist you in finding a way towards a better relationship with your partner.  

By hearing your own story and that of your partner's, it can open up parts of your lives that you had forgotten about or perhaps even parts you have not heard before.  It is now that you can take the time to slow down and understand each other which can often be the beginning of a new chapter.

It is your time to discover just what you and your partner are struggling with in your relationship. It is our expertise and guidance that help you to find your way through this process.  Our counsellors are unbiased and confidential and you will feel safe in our care.

Please call our qualified relationship specialists to discuss how we can help you get started.


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