What To Expect

The idea of counselling as a couple may seem challenging, but it is a time for you both to share your concerns in a safe and non-confronting environment. 

We firstly help you to identify what your issues are as a couple and then what you would like to achieve or resolve .

From there we work through the dynamics, the patterns and the pitfalls that you both experience and each partner has their time to express their thoughts.

As a couple, you have come from different backgrounds, had different life experiences and different ways of coping.  Sometimes you need to become familiar with this history to make sense of it all which also helps you to understand your partner better.  Life brings many unexpected surprises and it is easy to feel that you are not able to cope with these experiences.  The feeling of being disconnected to someone close to you can be a deep feeling of loss.

Through the counselling process, you will begin to discover a better understanding of each other and a clearer picture of what has changed and what needs to happen to improve this.  It is through this understanding that you are able to move closer to the life and the relationship that you want.

Some of the feelings that you may be experiencing:

  • A deep feeling of loss or grief
  • A feeling of loneliness
  • Regret
  • A feeling of inadequacy
  • Sadness
  • Fear of the future
  • Worry about children/family
  • Concern about reinstating trust
  • Worry about finances
  • New baby or new house
  • Fear of ageing/being alone

Our couples counsellors are also experienced in life so are able to help you through many of life's challenges and transitions.

By  understanding and accepting your differences, the lesser the distance between you.

Our Goals

As couple counsellors, we are not just about helping to repair relationships but more about assisting each partner to understand themselves in their relationship and their responses to their own needs as well as their partner's. Sometimes, individuals are not aware of why they react the way they do to certain triggers or why their partner seems like someone different under certain circumstances. The challenge for us as counsellors is to try to identify firstly the pattern that a relationship is forming and then the reasons why this is happening.

Through this process, the individual will begin to develop a knowledge and a better understanding of themselves. This is achieved through the collaboration between the counsellor and the couple and the ability of the counsellor to help both individuals identify parts of their lives that have been influential in who they are today. This is the basis from where we begin to understand the patterns that have developed and our goals are formulated together.

"We get together on the basis of our similarities; we grow on the basis of our differences."

- Viginia Satir

Schedule of Fees

Our sessions are 60 minutes in duration.

$140.00 per session  

Rebates may apply

Please call our qualified relationship specialists to discuss how we can help you get started.


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