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So you are having trouble in your relationship, what should you do?

  • The solution is firstly for you both to agree there is a problem.

  • Secondly, you have both decided that both want it to work out or to give it a chance to survive if life could be better together.

  • The third solution is to seek professional help from someone who understands the way you are both operating as a couple.

The fact is that we are attracted to each other based on conscious thoughts. What we don't know are the unconscious wishes, motivations and desires that keep presenting themselves. This becomes a cycle that can't be stopped until we know what is causing this. There is an inherent need to continue on trying to get our point across, but feeling that it is futile and both of you begin to feel isolated and lonely within the partnership. The internal models that dictate an unhealthy relationship, once identified by a therapist, can be worked on.

It is ideal if both partners can attend but a significant change can occur through the attendance of one partner as well. To be able to understand your relationship from a deeper level can sometimes be a 'lightbulb' moment and can give you a reason to believe that there is something to work on. The goal of effective relationship counselling is to re-connect you both through a better understanding of each other.


Some common issues that our counsellors can help you with:

  • Communication problems

  • Lack of time to devote to your relationship causing a lack of connection

  • Financial issues

  • Uncertainty around the future of your relationship

  • An affair:  which could be current, in the past or in some way affecting your relationship

  • A feeling of loss or sadness that your partnership is not what is used to be

  • Issues such as in-laws, step families or simply families that are affecting you and your partner

  • Controlling behaviours, including verbal and emotional abuse

  • Issues with intimacy or lack of physical connection

  • Problems associated with the arrival of a new baby

  • Issues with partners working and splitting household tasks

  • Anger management issues

  • Time-management problems causing arguments and a distancing in the relationship

  • Issues with past relationships that are affecting your current one or problems from childhood which are having an affect on your life.

In summary, relationship issues can simply be about improving communication through to the many issues listed.  The aim of counselling is to help you and your partner feel safe and fulfilled in your relationship. By improving your connection with each other, you generally find that you are less stressed and more equipped to cope with the other pressures in your life.

 We believe that our happiness is determined by the quality of our relationships.


Please call our qualified relationship specialists to discuss how we can help you get started.


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