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Life can sometimes seem like a constant struggle.  Your relationship is a challenge and everything you have tried isn't working.  When you maintain a supportive relationship with your partner you have a strong foundation to manage all of life's difficulties.  Without this, the confidence and happiness in our lives begins to deteriorate.

The idea of counselling as a couple may seem challenging but it is a time for you both to share your concerns in a safe and non-confronting environment. 

At Enrich Relationships we firstly help you to identify what your issues are as a couple and then what you would like to achieve or resolve .

From there we work through the dynamics, the patterns and the pitfalls that you both experience and each partner has their time to express their thoughts.

As a couple, you have come from different backgrounds, had different life experiences and different ways of coping.  Sometimes you need to become familiar with this history to make sense of it all which also helps you to understand your partner better.  Life brings many unexpected surprises and it is easy to feel that you are not able to cope with these experiences.  The feeling of being disconnected to someone close to you can be a deep feeling of loss.

Through the counselling process, you will begin to discover a better understanding of each other and a clearer picture of what has changed and what needs to happen to improve this.  It is through this understanding that you are able to move closer to the life and the relationship that you want.

Some of the feelings that you may be experiencing:

-  a deep feeling of loss or grief

-  a feeling of loneliness

-  regret

-  a feeling of inadequacy

-  sadness

-  fear of the future

- worry about children/family

-  concern about reinstating trust

- worry about finances

-  new baby or new house

- fear of ageing/being alone

Our couples counsellors are also experienced in life so are able to help you through many of life's challenges and transitions.

By  understanding and accepting your differences, the lesser the distance between you.




Some common issues that our counsellors can help you with:

  • Communication problems

  • Lack of time to devote to your relationship causing a lack of connection

  • Financial issues

  • Uncertainty around the future of your relationship

  • An affair:  which could be current, in the past or in some way affecting your relationship

  • A feeling of loss or sadness that your partnership is not what is used to be

  • Issues such as in-laws, step families or simply families that are affecting you and your partner

  • Controlling behaviours, including verbal and emotional abuse

  • Issues with intimacy or lack of physical connection

  • Problems associated with the arrival of a new baby

  • Issues with partners working and splitting household tasks

  • Anger management issues

  • Time-management problems causing arguments and a distancing in the relationship

  • Issues with past relationships that are affecting your current one or problems from childhood which are having an affect on your life.

  • Physical or mental health issues

In summary, relationship issues can simply be about improving communication through to the many issues listed.  The aim of counselling is to help you and your partner feel safe and fulfilled in your relationship. By improving your connection with each other, you generally find that you are less stressed and more equipped to cope with the other pressures in your life.

 We believe that our happiness is determined by the quality of our relationships.


Please call our qualified relationship specialists to discuss how we can help you get started.


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