Tips to practice and maintain a happy relationship

Tips to practice and maintain a happy relationship


  • Find time together to do things that you both like to do
  • Remember your sense of humour always a calming ingredient
  • Remember you are a partnership and that you should both make decisions together.
  • You had an agreement when you first got together of being a 'team', check that your 'team rules' are still the same.
  • Try to avoid a conflict when you are tired, or emotions are running high. Talk about it later.
  • Encourage your partner to talk about any difficulties they are having and listen. Being a friend is always a step in the right direction.
  • Mistakes happen. Try to work through these together without blame.
  • Try not to dwell on the problems. Take time out to do other things and visit them again later. Let the good times outweigh the bad.
  • Think about how you are treating your partner at the moment. Is there room for improvement.
  • You are a partnership so what is important to your partner should have an influence on you. Don't disregard these.


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