Therapeutic Goals

Not all couples who come to counselling are having problems. You may be just commiting to a more permanent relationship or thinking about marriage and possibly a family. Or a busy work or commitment schedule may be preventing you from spending enough time together which is beginning to cause some distress. You may be an empty nester wondering about life together without the children.

At Relationship Counselling Services we offer a program called Prepare/Enrich which is designed to help couples establish stronger relationships and get to know each other better.

The program works by:

  • Enabling the couple to identify their strengths as a couple and build new ones
  • Strengthen your communication skills
  • Uncover stressful areas and resolve conflict
  • Explore your families of origin
  • Discuss financial matters without conflict
  • Establish personal, couple and family goals
  • Understand and appreciate personality differences

As a relationship develops, issues such as finances, in-laws, children, step-families or a number of other challenges can occur. By helping you understand yourself and your partner and what is happening between you when these issues arise, can enable you be in a better position to deal with problems together as they come along.

For older couples, they often find that life is full of new challenges and moving into retirement is just another one. In many cases, it is like starting a new relationship with different hopes, goals and aspirations. Couples counselling helps you to move more confidently into this new phase of life.

How well do you know your partner? True/False

  1. I can name my partner's best friends.
  2. I know some of my partner's favourite movies.
  3. My partner knows who my friends are.
  4. I know the times that have been the most special in my partner's life.
  5. I can list my partner's hopes and aspirations.
  6. I know my partner's major current worries.
  7. I feel that my partner knows me pretty well.
  8. I can tell you the most stressful thing that happened to my partner as a child.
  9. I can tell you in detail, my first impressions of my partner.
  10. I can tell you some of my partner's life dreams.
  11. I know my partner's favourite music.
  12. I know some of the people who have been irritating in my partner's current life.
  13. I know what my partner would do if he/she won the lottery.
  14. I know where my partner would like to go for a holiday. 
  15. My partner knows my current worries.


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